Hi! I’m Ashley Espinal Riggs

For a long time this website was dedicated solely to the weddings and celebrations I’ve planned throughout my years living and exploring in New York. After a few years of working and sharing my work online, I realized that there was so much more to me than just the pretty pictures of the events I produced! My trademark, one I have against all others, is that of being myself and the unique way I see and experience the world.

Now, this littler corner of the internet is where I have full creative freedom to create, explore, and champion other creatives who are passionate about different things in life.

The Dulce Dreams Events/Lifestyle website covers my life as a first generation Latina, wife/sister/friend/daughter and entrepreneur living in New York, all the while exploring some of my favorite things like event planning, travel, love, health/wellness and last but not least, mindfulness.

I hope when you read this you are inspired, motivated and ready to have the freedom to live your own version of happiness, unapologetically.