Hi! I’m Ashley Espinal Riggs

For a long time this website was dedicated solely to the weddings and celebrations I’ve planned throughout my years living and exploring in New York. After a few years of working and sharing my work online, I realized that there was so much more to me than just the pretty pictures of the events I produce. More importantly, my clients hire me for a lot more than just the pictures I share. My trademark, one I have against all others, is that of being myself and the unique way I see and experience the world.

Now, this littler corner of the internet is where I have full creative freedom to create, explore, and champion other women and creatives, who are passionate about different things in life. Here, I’ll share all of the events I work on, the couples I am so humbled to collaborate with and the adventures life puts me through.

The Dulce Dreams Events/Lifestyle website is a glimpse into my life as a first generation Latina, wife/sister/friend/daughter and entrepreneur living in New York. All the while exploring some of my favorite topics and adventures in event planning, weddings, love and life, travel and last but not least, self-care and everything that embodies feeling good about yourself.

I hope when you read this you are inspired, motivated and ready to have the freedom to live your own version of happiness.