Masquerade Engagement Editorial

Venue: 5 West Club

Photography: Charlie Juliet Photography

As Featured On: Style Me Pretty

In this fantasy, we dreamed of a couple so excited about their impending nuptials that they wanted to celebrate their engagement in the most romantic and enchanting way possible. We love the romance and drama of a masquerade theme but wanted to avoid the “traditional” feathers and dark color palette. Instead, we focused on softer, romantic colors like blush pink, gold, and wintery blue subtly and elegantly highlighted in our stationery and “engagement” cakes.

Adding our own little twist to this story, we wanted to have our bride and groom-to-be celebrate their impending nuptials with friends and members of the wedding party. Keeping in mind our vision and storyline, we opted for non-traditional bridesmaids dresses and had our ladies dress as if they were attending this particular fete as guests of honor as well. Since this was not necessarily a wedding, we wanted our bride-to-be to forgo white and instead wear something worthy of a masquerade ball.

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