Take Risks. Be Brave.

I woke up this morning realizing that today, is the first Monday of March in the years 2013. This simple thought and I guess you can say, revelation, spiraled into a million different thoughts and dreams I've been putting together for the past couple of weeks. Within seconds, I was briefly overwhelmed and felt a surge of anxiety. I looked at my to-do list on my bedside table and quickly re-prioritized my goals. In a time where the world is quick to post pictures, share reviews and voice their opinions on what looks "right", it's easy to become overwhelmed and hesitant on the decisions we're about to make. You start doubting your self and that is never good.

This little quote changes so much for me each time I read it. It's simple and oh so very true. BE BRAVE. It's a new day, what's the most that can happen? We have tomorrow to try again. I hope it means something to you too. 

Happy Monday!