Removing The Clutter and Finding Myself Again

I cannot believe we've reached the end of February already. It has been quite the ride. Somehow, it felt that January had 62 days this year and then February had about 3. It has been a mixture of fast and slow and extremely cold days mixed with the warmest we've seen in years. And yet, through all of that madness I have somehow found this inner voice that I have forgotten about for quite some time! The truth is that although I thought I was paying attention to it before, they were only whispers. Now it's on full blast!

So what does this voice tell me? In some simple words, 'stop caring about everything'. Literally it was kind of easy. I am absolutely a type A kind of person and when things don't go to plan or how I envision it, I immediately am going to be Plan B, C or D. And sometimes, the truth is that none of those plans will end up working and I end up stressed and exhausted and with so much anxiety I could fill a tank with my sweat and tears. Somewhere in between complete emotional anxiety and a mini panic attack, I told myself that it was enough. I didn't want to allow people to have control over my emotions like that and it wasn't fair for me to give up so much of myself for nothing in return. Yes there are some things you can change and prepare for in life. Others, you just have to shrug off your shoulders, back, chest and mind, and let it go. Ah. The power of age huh?!


Saying No To The Things That Don't Serve You

Eating Healthier

I can't tell you how much this has changed how I feel about myself.  I first started with the Whole30 back in August and was amazed at how much I learned about my body. All of a sudden I was craving greens and vegetables! After the Holidays I felt like I really wanted to just feel lighter all around so I decided to modify the "diet". We added legumes and quinoa and other little things here and there but we really stay away from refined sugar and alcohol altogether. Tired of making power bowls, we started buying different cookbooks for fun while experimenting what worked well for our bodies. Our favorites are The Skinny Taste Book, Global Kitchen, and Thug Kitchen (for those that want to dabble in veganism, this is THE book for you!)

Working Out

Yes it initially started as #Sweating4TheWedding but it really has been such a meditative experience for me. I can't explain how great it feels because there really aren't any words. It's just therapeutic and there is this sense of feeling stronger that is so much more mental than physical. Is it physical strength? For sure! But it's really just putting mind over matter and reminding yourself that you have control of how and who you want to be. This app has been my savior Sweat.

actively Socializing

What an easy concept right? This New York City living can get really exhausting sometimes. Between working out, eating healthy, work, work and more werk, it can be pretty easy to forget that actively socializing with your friends is an important part of your mental and emotional well being. Key word here is 'actively'. I don't mean Happy Hour or other social events where it's you and 20 others competing for sound. For me, I needed more one on one girl time with my friends. Which meant I had to say no to some other things like industry events, cocktail hours, and afternoon workout classes. It meant waking up early to get the gym out of the way so I could care more time for the people that I love later in the day. It was hard at first, but it really changed the way I felt and thought and appreciated my life and the people in it. Complete and total de-stressor.

Is there anything that you guys do that has helped you bring you back to yourself? Let me know! Sharing is caring! 

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