Pursue The Workshop: Recap


Hello lovely friends! A small break in all social media did this girl some good and now I'm back to share all of the wonderful things I've been up to. Grab your coffee because there is quite a lot going on in all things Dulce Dreams Events!

Back in April, I had the honor of attending a conference in beautiful Dallas, TX called Pursue. The purpose of this workshop is to simply find a balance between business and life and making sure that you're doing them both with love and purpose. Man oh man, did this workshop deliver. I had the most extraordinary, life changing experience with all of the ladies that attended and I can honestly say, it changed the way I live my life today. Hence, the social media break!


PURSUE consisted of two days of pure magic. We discussed everything from branding to finance (I swear we spent an entire day discussing finance. It was much needed!) to making sure you value your talent and pricing yourself accordingly. Needless to say, our little binders and notebooks were filled with notes, reminders and quotes to keep us pushing past our own ideas of limitations.


The best way for me to describe how I felt after leaving Dallas that cold dreary Wednesday morning, would be to say I left empowered. Every single woman in the room that attended and/or spoke about their accomplishments and failures left me in awe. I was so happy to just sit in the conference room and be completely immersed in all of the talent and drive that these women possess. Topics of conversations ranged from finding the right accountant, to waking up in the morning and doing your laundry. All of which are as equally important as the next.


I left feeling like "I've got this!" Any and all of the doubt that would creep up in the back of my mind felt pointless. Now I know that not only do I have this incredible team of ladies cheering me on and telling me to keep moving forward but I have the resources that will make my job easier and I can get back to doing what makes me happy.

Because of Pursue, I found this sense of peace and accomplishment in everything I've done so far. It was worth every single second and I am so honored I had the chance to be a part of it! Also, my new head shot from Amanda Watson Photography makes me really happy. Thank you ladies!