Dulce Dreams Events Lifestyle Shoot with Alexis June Weddings

You may have noticed (if you've been watching which I hope you have!) that my website has gotten a little face-lift! A few weeks ago, I finally made the decision to re-vamp my website (and brand) with some new head shots.  Thanks to my dear friend and photographer extraordinaire, Brandi from Alexis June Weddings

I'm proud to share these images with you!

The idea of having a typical "head-shot" has never been appealing to me, so we decided to do something fun, creative, flirty and with the right amount of artsy. We chose to use New York City as our backdrop because honestly, you can't find anything more glamorous and culturally inspiring than NYC. Instead of taking a stroll through Central Park, which is always a favorite, we chose to hang out in Tribecca.

We knew we wanted to take a stroll through the High Line and see what inspired us. We kind of went with a "let's wing it" attitude in terms of exact locations, but we both knew what we wanted to see. Another reason why I love working with Brandi! Most of the time, she pulls the words (and thoughts) right of my mouth, which makes working her that much more fun!

Sabrina Gilbert NYC did my hair and makeup {fabulously may I just say) on an very early Sunday morning and this is what we came up with. I hope you all love the pictures as much as I do! Be sure to check out these fabulous ladies' pages as well. They are very highly recommended!

Enjoy! xoxo

Another happy accident... this wall! As we were walking through that famous little under passage, (where the taco stand usually is?!) we saw how beautiful the contrast between my yellow dress and gray wall popped. A match made in heaven!

Our last shoot of the day was a little more low key. We wanted something more casual with a slightly urban feel. Mission accomplished! I had such a great time taking pictures and soaking up the early NYC sunlight. It was definitely an experience to remember forever. It's still unbelievable to me how we were able to capture so much, in such different settings, all in the same area. Gosh do I love NYC!

Photography: Alexis June Weddings || Makeup & Hair: Sabrina Gilbert NYC