On Being a Peacock

For this Wedding Wednesday post guys, I've decided to get a bit personal. So bear with me and please read along because I think this will help or at least enlighten some of you. As I write this now, it sure does make me feel a lot better!

I recently started reaching out to several different bloggers and designers from different fields in the creative industry, in hopes that I would find a way to re-energize myself and my small businesses. That's right guys. It's plural. I don't just do weddings for a living, I also co-own a music and dance studio with my sister here in Queens, NY. Needless to say, I usually have a long list of to-dos on a daily basis. I've always refrained from mentioning the studio (by the way, it's Latin Music and Dance Studio and I'm so proud of our little yet oh so big dream!) because I always thought it was best to separate those two integral parts of my life. Most people don't understand why I do both or how I can be so passionate about two seemingly different things. I've had people tell me that it's simply just too much of a workload or that "you can never be successful in either one if you do both". I've avoided the conversation entirely. Because honestly, it's a lot to explain.

But then I heard a video by Hilary Rushford (Follow Dean Street Society Pleaaassseeee.... SO worth it for creative people in business) and I can't tell you how much her words eased a faint fear that I have had hidden in my heart for quite some time. I love what I do. All of it. From ballet slippers to weddings to dance costumes and floral designs, I love everyday of my life and the things that contribute to that happiness. The idea that you have to throw yourself 100% in one.single.thing in life to be truly successful just isn't what I believe in. Furthermore, it's finally how I have decided it's not how I want to live my life.


Just as much as I love creating, I fully enjoy sharing my passion of music and dance. That won't be changing anytime soon. There are so many parts of my life that contribute to the things that I'm passionate about. Funny enough, everything I've ever done and experienced has brought me to where I am today. From becoming an assistant dance teacher to toddlers at fifteen to organizing my first fundraiser for our dance program in school, I've always loved what I love. So why not live my life that way?

Like a peacock, I have an array of feathers that branch out with glorious colors each unique and exciting. Even better, they all stem from the same being. I am a peacock. And crazy enough, you all are too!!

xoxo- Ash