Sex & The City Classic NYC Elopement Editorial on Burnetts Boards


It has finally hit fall (winter to be honest, I think we skipped a season this year) here in NYC and today's dreary weather really made me think of the perfect summer day which seems like a decade ago. I really couldn't think of a better way to reminisce on sunny skies than to share this shoot that my friend Jennifer, from Cyrience Photography, and I dreamt up this past Spring! When we came up the idea for this shoot, we were literally inspired by a dress that we saw while we were at a fitting for another shoot! (You can find that stunning shoot here and here ;) ) I can vividly remember saying, "Wow, I can see a bride running around NYC with this dress on... a la Carrie Bradshaw." And BAM! That was that. We knew we had to do it!

So without further ado, feast your eyes on these beautiful images by Cyrience Photography and wrap yourself up in a beautiful, NYC modern fairytale. Although I love a good party (obviously) sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to elope, midweek, and surprise your soon to be spouse with a dance by the fountain <3

Oh! and check out the full feature on Burnett's Boardshere =)

This was definitely one of my favorite looks from the day. I mean, who doesn't go around the house in full couture gowns as they get ready for their big day?!?

Classic NYC! Yellow Cabs and Subway Stations!

Do you guys remember the infamous Carrie necklace? The one she thought she lost while in Paris before she ran back to Mr. Big?!? Well this cute cake topper was our cheeky little nod to Carrie. You're welcome =)

Be sure to check out everyone that contributed to this shoot below! They are fabulous and just plain old awesome. Enjoy! xoxo


Cyrience Photography

 Event & Floral Design: 

Dulce Dream Events

Wedding Dress: Valentino Blush Rosette Gown from 

Nearly Newlywed

Groom’s Suit: 

John Varvatos 

 Clutch: Petite Platinum Embossed Clutch by Merci New York for Madame Mathilde from 

Nearly Newlywed

 Hair Accessory: Logan Hair Clip by Untamed Petals, 

Merci New York

 // Earrings: Lily Crystal Earrings by Elizabeth Bower, 

Merci New York


Billy’s Bakery

“Love” Cake Topper & Balloons: DIY by 

Dulce Dream Events

Stationary & Banners: 

Nightingale Projects


Anabelle LaGuardia


Styles on B


Jennifer Glasgow

 // Groom: Bobby O’Donnell.