Holiday Inspired Editorial with Love Inc. Magazine

We're only a few days away from the end of 2013 and I am SO excited to welcome in the new year! Having a small biz is seriously no easy venture and this past year has been a whirlwind of amazing opportunities and a whole lot of learning and love! The wedding industry, [pretty much like any other industry in the world] is hard. There truly is nothing you can do about it but keep pushing forward with dignity and staying true to the real you. I can honestly say it's easier said than done but when you do it with a group of supportive people cheering you on, it's so much easier!

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Brittny, Love Inc. Magazine's founder and editor in chief, to help plan and design a Holiday Card on behalf of all the Love Listers. She had the idea of a holiday party, where we could all appear and be recognized as part of a team, that celebrates love in all its different forms. It wasn't about networking or exchanging business cards, it was seriously about enjoying each other's company as friends and colleagues, and saying goodbye to a beautiful 2013. Of course, being in the wedding world meant we had to make it extra pretty and this is what we came up with!

All of the wonderful images are from Brandi from Alexis June Weddings.

The traditionalist in me really loved the idea of having a red and gold color palette. Don't get me wrong, I love doing things a little bit out of the ordinary, but when I saw the beautiful velvet linen from Nuage Designs, I was sold! Also, the plates and chargers are from my mom's stash of goods. Isn't she just fabulous?
Looks like it belonged to a Pottery Barn catalog right? We wanted to make it cozy and intimate so it could really bring in the warmth of the Holiday Season to make this seem more of a fun gathering instead of a shoot. We used all of the furniture already there and just added some throws, blankets and a festive tree to make it all come together!

All of us Love Lister's braved the cold for this one. And honestly, it wasn't that bad. When you're with your friends, who you not only like but respect, everything around you just lights up and you're immediately warm. It could not have been a more fun and special night. I hope you all had a chance to experience a lot of love and warmth this Holiday Season.

From our family to yours,


The Love Inc. Team

Design/ProductionDulce Dreams Events Floral Design: Karma Flowers Videography: NST Pictures Photography: Alexis June Weddings Catering: Denton & Co. Desserts: Ovenly Linens: Nuage Designs | Menus: Bliss and Bone