About Dulce Dreams Events

Our Mission


We firmly believe in having the freedom to define your own version of happiness.

And we mean it. We are fierce advocates of "you doing you" and appreciate the individuality and unique talents are clients bring to the planning experience. We want to guide you through the planning process so it's not only a fun experience, but one that you can enjoy with your loved ones without the added stress of "searching for the one". At the end of your wedding day, all we want to hear is that "we had your back" and you were able to live every experience to the fullest. And that is all that truly matters.


The truth is that I never really knew I I wanted to plan weddings. It wasn't something that I dreamed of when I was a little girl and it was most definitely not what I studied in college at UMB. What I have always known that I wanted to live my life with the freedom to create new and exciting experiences in whichever way life led me to do so. From the beginning? My parents owned their own music and performing arts studio which means that I have basically spent my entire life in the entertainment industry.

So, after over fifteen years as a professional singer and dancer, I slowly switched gears from the front of the stage to the back, where I learned the ins and outs of planning, production, and set design. When I ultimately decided to live my dreams in NYC, I interned with one of the world's most amazing event designers who showed me a world of possibilities in the wedding world. Weddings and New York became synonymous with creativity, freedom and passion. And here we are.  

A Bit More TMI: Every new year I pick a word or phrase that will define my train of thought for the year. 2017 phrase of the year is "Get Out". I'll let you know how it goes! I'm not so secretly trying to read at least two books a month. I will probably never say no to a piece of cheesecake. I used to play the saxophone and I regret that I didn't continue pursing it. When I'm bored or need a mental break, I watch reruns of Sex & The City. And once, many moons ago, I was a pop star. See video HERE

If I sound remotely interesting or if you love the work I've planned and produced feel free to say hello.